Tom Etter - Artist

My father took pictures as a hobby, and he passed it down to me. I always tell people that I took a really great hobby and turned it into a pain–in-the-ass business. That’s only partly true. Running a business is not what I had in mind when I decided to go out on my own, but I love photography. When I’m on assignment, I take pictures. When I come home, I take pictures. When I go on vacation, I take pictures. And when I’m at an event, I feel as though I’m missing something unless I have a camera in my hands. I’ve been getting paid for creating images since the late 1960’s when I graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor degree in Art Education. I am now turning all those great images I have collected over the years into art. Thank you for taking time to enjoy the results.  

So What determines a " Work of Art " ?

Long ago in the small town of Etter in south Germany, there lived a caveman by the name of Kunst.  He and his wife lived a simple life in their one bedroom, furnished cave in the small HOA community. Kunst enjoyed tinkering and loved chipping the corners off flat, square pieces of stone with holes in the middle, then searching for ways to use them. His main work was the animal caretaker. He spent much time building fences, herding and hunting bison and other big game for the community.  His work often kept him away from home for long periods of time. On one occasion, after being away for a particularly long period of work, Kunst returned home to a rather disgruntled wife who demanded to know why he had been gone so long.  Kunst was tired and was in no mood for discussion at this time. He grabbed a partially burned stick from the fire and proceeded to illuminate his wife of his hard work with illustrations on the cave wall. The next day while Kunst was relaxing and chipping away at his square stone blocks, the cleaning lady arrived.  She was taken aback by all the markings on the wall of the cave, but not wanting to disturb Kunst, she turned to his wife, pointed to the wall and ask the simple question " what that "   Kunst's wife - looking a little disgusted yet apologetic replied " that ART WORK "  the cleaning lady new very little about Kunst and so replied " so that what ART WORK is " - " yes," said the wife. " that WORK of ART,----- Leave them be "    Art continued to chip away at his " wheel " and said nothing.    So it has been documented.


" I am always grateful for an expression of appreciation of my art 

- but - 

I am truly indebted if I can exchange my art for an income

 - and - 

 the ability to pursue my art. " 

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