It all starts as an adventure

There are images all around us - every day - all the time - from the micro to the macro - people, places, things - positive and negative space - colors - textures - shapes - all right in front of our eyes - we see them - we all see them differently - we need only to become aware.  My passion is capturing some of these images and presenting them in a way unfamiliar to others - as I see them - as colorful movements and textures and shapes that heighten the senses and stimulate emotion. I create these images in an attempt to draw the viewer into the frame hoping they will enjoy the viewing experience as much as I did creating it. 


Viewing My Images

The images viewed in these galleries are originally from photographs and as seen on a computer screen are two diminutional and flat.  The images viewed in a gallery have the extra diminution of texture. This texture is painted on each print individually and follows the subject matter of the print - as such - each individual print will never look exactly the same as another of the same print and will have its own identity. This is very difficult to show and so must be accepted as an enhancement to each print that will be present on the image as it will be delivered.  If you are not satisfied with the final image delivered to you, I will accept a return of the image for a period of 60 days and refund the cost of the image on an undamaged print.

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